Storage containers for business

A business is not only a lifetime investment, it is often the primary means of livelihood as well. This is why it is important to assure growth within the enterprise — not only a growth of the product line’s offerings and quality, but a growth in the physical aspect as well. Come to think of it, almost every flourishing business will encounter a change of space at least once in its lifetime.

And with this growth comes a temporary but very pressing problem:How will the business go about while the place is being moved or renovated? Placing a simple sign announcing the renovation would be fine, but it does not take care of the rest — the inventory and equipment that need to be sheltered from the hammers and nails.

Storage containerFortunately, this problem can be solved in a simple way — with the use of portable storage containers from choosing This does not mean those little cardboard boxes with labels – these are the huge 20-45 feet steel containers that can fit about a few rooms’ worth of equipment.

Contrary to expectations, these services are no longer as expensive as they were in the past. The storage container industry, which was essentially carved out by a single company, has since grown into a very competitive field with many different players. Because of this, the service has become cost effective, with different companies giving different kinds of discounts. Aside from discounts, there are also those that offer specialty services.

On top of the differences in the service provided by competing companies, storage containers are extremely versatile and have been put to a wide variety of uses. These steel constructions are like giant lockboxes — sturdy, ground-level, watertight, and weatherproof. Their constructions allow them to achieve the maximum possible storage space wherever they are placed. This makes them ideal not only for moving, but also for living purposes as well.

Several creative business people have turned storage containers into makeshift offices, so as to remain onsite even in the midst of moving or renovation. In fact, it has been quite common to see storage containers outfitted with doors, windows, floor and wall panels, and even provisions for electrical and Internet access! There are also those who have turned storage containers into restaurants, bars, bedrooms — literally anything they can think of, even makeshift prison cells!

And even of you do not desire these and are only aiming to turn the storage container into a locker for your business equipment, you still have a lot of options available. Some storage container boxes are equipped with smooth walls that provide ease of loading and unloading. They may be transported by specially outfitted trucks with air-ride suspensions, so you can load the most fragile of furniture and still have peace of mind.

Of course, there is the size of the container you have to decide on, too. There is the standard 20-foot variety that can carry about 1,000 cubic feet of cargo, to the 40-feet variants that can carry up to more than 2,000 cubic feet. There are also “high-cube” containers, those that can carry anywhere from 2,600 to 3,000 cubic feet of items.

Portable containers have proven to be very versatile equipment, catering to a very wide variety of needs — not only in the commercial and business sector, but also in the residential scene. In fact, a simple Internet search can yield a storage container service that is near you — all that remains to be done is to choose a company whose service level and experience are on par with the quality of their containers.

Creating Custom Challenge Coins for Your Business

Custom challenge coins are pretty much in style nowadays. This is because advertisers realize that coins are a great item to use for promotion. Challenge coins can be a part of the rock solid business strategy. They can get the attention of people and can help sell their product or service.

Functions of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins can be designed to reflect the personality and ideas of the business owner, which they can relate to their brand. Moreover, these coins can have several functions such as a token of appreciation that they can send along with orders to express gratitude to their customers. They can also send them to repeat customers who spend a certain amount on their products or services.

custom challenge coinsPerhaps the best part about custom challenge coins is that they are still in good condition even after a long period of time. There are discovered coins that are centuries old, which shows that they were popular even in the past times.

Steps in Creating Challenge Coins

Challenge coins do not just catch the attention of young people; they are popular among elders as well. Aside from this, it is crucial to create a challenge coin with a mark that will be popular with the public.

These are the steps to create a challenge coin:

1. Design Process

You have to provide your own design or you can consult with the challenge coin maker about the design that best suits your business. They can send you the design, which you will have to approve. It must have all the basic things such as company name, logo, colors, text, etc.

You may opt for a design that is different from that of standard custom challenge coins. For instance, instead of the usual round shape, you can go for another shape such as rectangle or cut-to-shape. You can also request for a smaller or larger coin. If you want a more unique design, you may opt for challenge coins that can be attached to a keychain, worn on a chain, or used as a bottle opener. These kinds of challenge coins are quite popular because they are attractive and useful as the same time.

Once you submit the design of your challenge coin, you will be given a free quote for the cost of the coin. To make your custom challenge coins stand out, here are some of the things that you can add:

1. 3D images
2. Decorative edges
3. Dual plating
4. Sequential numbering
5. Glitter

2. Rechecking Process

This process is mostly the responsibility of the challenge coin maker, but it does not mean that you are not going to be involved. You still play an important role in this because they have to refer to you for all the details of your design. This begins by checking any kind of mistakes to avoid any problems on the final imprint. You cannot change anything else once the challenge coin has been imprinted. The rechecking process can take as much time as you want until you are completely satisfied with the design. You should know as well that if you choose to have epoxy colors, they might slightly differ from the colors you choose for your design.

3. Confirmation

You could call the challenge coin maker to clarify details that you do not understand. When you speak to them, everything about your custom challenge coins will be clear to you. The details on the coins are done by experts. Once the design and pricing are decided upon, you can confirm your order. Shipping to the U.S. is usually free and the delivery time depends on whether the order is standard or set for rush delivery.

It is Always Ideal to Buy Garden City NY Homes for Sale

For those who have made a lot of money during their lifetime and have decided that it’s time to make an investment that will appreciate for the rest of their lives, there are viable options other than setting up and running a business. That holds true especially if one is looking forward to happy days ahead with a wife and kids in a posh community. If this is what you are thinking of as your future, you may be thinking of buying a house among the many Garden City NY homes for sale.

Great Community for Families

One of the things that newlyweds look for is a safe town where they can live. Garden City offers that with a crime rate that is 47% lower than that of the rest of New York. Overall, the chance of being a victim of a crime here is 1 in 30 which is more favorable than the chance of being a crime victim elsewhere in the state.

Real estateApart from safety, this town prides itself on its public school district. The town has seven schools which are all strategically placed near residential neighborhoods. It is common for people to believe that the children in this community are excelling academically and have positive attitudes towards extracurricular activities such as arts and sports. For a community full of college graduates that have white-collar jobs, Garden City fosters a great academic atmosphere.

If there is anything a high cost of living will buy, that is convenience. People love to live in Garden City because every local amenity is within a short drive or a walk. Groceries, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, and even recreational parks are within a one-mile radius of most residences.

The only thing that is perhaps not too convenient in this town is traffic. Driving time to work reportedly takes 30 or more minutes, and while the public transport system is great thanks to easy access, taking the bus or train is considerably more difficult during rush hour.

Great Real Estate

Even with houses that will always sell at high prices, it is always ideal to buy Garden City homes for sale. That is to set apart the chance of getting to live in a highly coveted old house that speaks of luxury.

Real estate investment in Garden City is always a prime experience, especially when the housing prices here are known to almost never go down. Houses built in 1939 or older are often pegged at a million dollars or higher, and if you are looking into more modern homes for a shot at a lower market price, you may find it hard to find starter homes priced at or near $250,000.

People who bought Garden City NY homes for sale typically stay in this town for a long time as the population growth has always been at a steady 2%. If you are fighting for property to be yours in Garden City, you are most probably pitting yourself against residents that are looking to either upgrade or downgrade properties. You can also expect that residents here can afford to buy a second home within the same area.

Most of the households here earn $250,000 or more in a year, and if your income does not come close to those figures, you may have difficulty in maintaining the Garden City lifestyle. The bottom line is Garden City is a great town if you can afford to live here.

Golfers who won with Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs aren’t just for the amateurs. Even professional golfers have them in their bags too. Here are some golf personalities who have been in love with the hybrids.

1.Sergio Garcia

Also known as “El Niño”, Sergio Garcia Fernandez is a 35-year-old Spanish professional golfer from the PGA Tour and the European Tour. He turned professional back in 1999 and had already achieved 27 professional wins.

His first European Tour title was in July 1999 at the Irish Open. He was the youngest ever to play in the Ryder Cup. He used hybrid clubs in The Barclays Scottish Open in 2007.

He had his bad year in 2009 when he ranked 74th on the PGA Tour money list. This continued to 2010 when he decided to take a break and miss the 2010 Ryder Cup. He got back in the game in 2011.

2.Ernie Els

Although residing in England, United Kingdom, he actually was from Johannesburg, South Africa. The 45-year-old golfer whose full name is Theodore Ernest Els, turned professional in 1989. However, he joined his first tour, the European Tour, in 1992. He already had accumulated 68 professional wins but his first major win was with the U.S. Open in 1994 where he was initially ties with Colin Montgomerie and Loren Roberts. He signed with a hybrid clubs manufacturer back in 2014 and used it in his summer tournament.

He was known as “The Big Easy” due to his tall stature and fluid swing.

He topped the 2003 and 2004 European Tour Merit of Order and also won the “World Match Play Championship” seven times.

3.Justin Peter Rose

This 35-year-old golfer won his first major championship at the 2013 U.S. Open where he was the first English player to win a major since 1996 and was the first to win in the U.S. Open since 1970. He garnered 18 professional wins since he started in 1998. He was seen using one of the hybrid clubs during the 2014 Scottish Open.

4.Phil Mickelson

Philip Alfred Mickelson is a 45-year-old professional golfer from San Diego, California. He is also known as “Lefty” because of his left-handed swing even though he is actually right-handed. He had learned this style bymirroring his father’s right-handed style.

He first joined in 1992 shortly after graduating college. Since then, he had amassed 51 professional wins. He has been inducted in the World Golf Hall of Fame since May 2012 and also into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame in 2008.

In 2014, he missed the cut at the Masters, the first time since 1997.
He is seen using hybrid clubs since winning at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in 2007 and at the Farmers Insurance Open in February 2015.

5.Victor Dubuisson

Hybrid clubsVictor is only 25 years old and is from Cannes, France. He turned professional in 2010 after playing in The Open Championship and had won 2 professional wins. in addition, he had won several amateur competitions such as the 2009 European Amateur.

One of the highlights in his budding career is when he finished third place at the 2009 Allianz EurOpen de Lyon. He was seen using hybrids in the 2014 Ryder Cup.

6.Webb Simpson

James Frederick Webb Simpson is a 30-year-old professional golfer from Raleigh, North Carolina. He turned professional in 2008 and had won 4 professional titles. He had placed second place twice on the Nationwide Tour. He finished second on the PGA Tour’s money list in 2011. He was also a member of the 2011 Presidents Cup team.

In 2014, he was selected by Tom Watson for the 2014 Ryder Cup where he finished with a 0-1-1 record using a hybrid club.

7.Zach Johnson

Zachary Harris Johnson is a 39-year-old golfer from Iowa, US. He had turned professional back in 1998 and had 28 professional wins up his sleeve. In the 2014 Ryder Cup, he won using a hybrid club.