Motivational Speakers: Their Advantages and Motivations

When you were younger, you tend to do part-time jobs every summer. You enjoyed it even though the salary was not really that much, right? Well most motivational speakers are like you when you were younger. They do motivational speaking as their ‘part-time job’ and they enjoy it too. However, the difference between the younger you and those speakers is that their salary is relatively higher than yours were.

You see, motivational speakers are not just speakers per se. They also have other jobs like normal people. Though what they receive from each of their speaking engagements is pretty high, they cannot abandon their real jobs because those jobs have brought them to the speaking career. They have to continually excel in their profession so that they will have more stories and important information to share with their audiences.

Motivational speakers vary from one career to another. Some of them are entrepreneurs, some are teachers, and others are politicians. There are also athletes, environmentalists, TV personalities, and a whole lot more. Their profession is a factor in how much they will be paid, so they cannot really give up their primary career. Therefore, you must be attentive when they speak in your school or in one of your company seminars because you might find something in their discussion that could eventually prove to be useful.

Motivational SpeakersThese kinds of speakers usually relate themselves to their audiences because they have to get their attention to effectively impart their topic. Typically, they use their own stories to communicate with their audiences. You should know that before these people became motivational speakers, they have experienced various kinds of failures too. They know firsthand how it is to be humiliated, defeated, and unsuccessful – all of the possible kinds of failure you can think of. But failures are just another side of the story because they have changed. They became successful.

“If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

Eric Thomas

Motivational Speaker

NFL Cornerback for 9 Seasons

Most motivational speakers know that success does not come instantly. A lot of hard work, patience, and skill development are needed to be able to get to where they are now. Whatever they have experienced in the past and what they are now, the entirety of it serves as their engine to keep moving forward. That is why they are so driven and vigorous when they speak, because they know that success does not come that easy.

Now, these people are the top personalities in their own fields. What’s interesting is that they can even have other sidelines aside from giving motivational talks. They can be instructors and/or writers.

Instructors are different from speakers. In motivational talks, speakers do not provide any handout. They just talk and motivate their audiences. But, instructors educate and provide educational materials such as handbooks to better help the audience understand the topic.

On the other hand, writing is a lot different from motivating and teaching. This is more convenient than the two in many ways, because they can further discuss their topics without pressure. They could even add through writing some points they could not include when speaking. This is a very good sideline too, because they can even broaden their audience especially now that people are into social media. They can write for blogs, write for online magazines, and even write their own book, set up their own blog. These other sidelines do not only make them more popular, they also make them more affluent.

All in all, choosing to be a speaker comes with all sorts of advantages, and that’s why many are trying their luck in pursuing such a career.