Choosing the Best Style of Badge Holders

Companies use ID badges because it has become an important issue to keep an eye on employees and ensure that the workplace is free from intruders. But sometimes, it is easy to misplace or lose an ID badge. It can be frustrating for the card owner if they cannot find their badge. Often, it is also expensive for them or the company to replace it. Because of this and some security issues, companies need badge holders with clear identification of every employee.

Badge holdersBy using a badge holder, the user can prominently display their ID. Moreover, it will be easier for the employees to secure their ID badge while at work and they can find it faster when they need it. They do not need to take out their ID out of their wallet or pocket all the time.

A badge holder comes in a wide array of styles and in choosing the correct style, the most important features are: easy to use and displays ID picture easily. Some badge holders even come with a pin or clip that the user can attach to their clothing. Here are some of the popular styles of card holders.

1. Clear Vinyl

This type is very affordable. It may come in vertical or horizontal style and can be the same size as a credit card or a bit bigger. The ID card can be inserted from the side or the top and can be fastened using a clip. Employees can also use their lanyards with it. Clear vinyl badge holders can hold military ID or small ID cards.

2. Color-coded Vinyl

This is the ideal option when groups need color-coding for a meeting or workshop. Organizers can easily provide every participant with a color-coded badge holder to easily identify them throughout the day. It comes in different sizes and it has vertical and horizontal styles like clear vinyl.

3. Armband

Sometimes, a person can be too busy or active and the ID badge on their neck or clothing interferes with their task. An armband holder can be the perfect solution when this happens. It has a strap that quickly releases it so the user can quickly remove their ID card if necessary.

4. Soft Credential Wallet

Wallet type badge holders are ideal for some employees because it is useful in many situations. While employees can display their ID cards, they can also carry business cards and pens with it. This type comes in various colors and styles.

5. Rigid Plastic Holder

This type has an extractor slide so the ID badge can go in and out as necessary. To suit the style of the organization, this ID badge comes in many colors. Normally, this badge holder has a chain hole and slot so the user can wear it with a lanyard, badge reel, or clip. Since this badge holder is rigid, it prevents the badges from bending. For instance, young students are likely to play with their IDs, so this type is perfect to extend the life of ID badges. It reduces the chances of flexing, bending, and even chewing on the IDs.

6. Proximity Badge Holder

this style is for badges that access networks or entrances while in the workplace. Maintenance is important for ID badges that can access certain areas because these badges can be expensive. A proximity badge holder offers a secure way of carrying and displaying important IDs.

There are other types of badge holders and choosing the most suitable one depends on the setting and level of security that the organization needs. Using a badge holder increases security and reduces the need for organizations to replace damaged or lost ID badges.

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