It is Always Ideal to Buy Garden City NY Homes for Sale

For those who have made a lot of money during their lifetime and have decided that it’s time to make an investment that will appreciate for the rest of their lives, there are viable options other than setting up and running a business. That holds true especially if one is looking forward to happy days ahead with a wife and kids in a posh community. If this is what you are thinking of as your future, you may be thinking of buying a house among the many Garden City NY homes for sale.

Great Community for Families

One of the things that newlyweds look for is a safe town where they can live. Garden City offers that with a crime rate that is 47% lower than that of the rest of New York. Overall, the chance of being a victim of a crime here is 1 in 30 which is more favorable than the chance of being a crime victim elsewhere in the state.

Real estateApart from safety, this town prides itself on its public school district. The town has seven schools which are all strategically placed near residential neighborhoods. It is common for people to believe that the children in this community are excelling academically and have positive attitudes towards extracurricular activities such as arts and sports. For a community full of college graduates that have white-collar jobs, Garden City fosters a great academic atmosphere.

If there is anything a high cost of living will buy, that is convenience. People love to live in Garden City because every local amenity is within a short drive or a walk. Groceries, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, and even recreational parks are within a one-mile radius of most residences.

The only thing that is perhaps not too convenient in this town is traffic. Driving time to work reportedly takes 30 or more minutes, and while the public transport system is great thanks to easy access, taking the bus or train is considerably more difficult during rush hour.

Great Real Estate

Even with houses that will always sell at high prices, it is always ideal to buy Garden City homes for sale. That is to set apart the chance of getting to live in a highly coveted old house that speaks of luxury.

Real estate investment in Garden City is always a prime experience, especially when the housing prices here are known to almost never go down. Houses built in 1939 or older are often pegged at a million dollars or higher, and if you are looking into more modern homes for a shot at a lower market price, you may find it hard to find starter homes priced at or near $250,000.

People who bought Garden City NY homes for sale typically stay in this town for a long time as the population growth has always been at a steady 2%. If you are fighting for property to be yours in Garden City, you are most probably pitting yourself against residents that are looking to either upgrade or downgrade properties. You can also expect that residents here can afford to buy a second home within the same area.

Most of the households here earn $250,000 or more in a year, and if your income does not come close to those figures, you may have difficulty in maintaining the Garden City lifestyle. The bottom line is Garden City is a great town if you can afford to live here.